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9/16/2020: VR App Update (Antialiasing)
Hi! We spent a lot of time deep in the tech to add more antialiasing to the comic pages (and PDFs and photos). That means, at farther zoom distances, you will s...
9/12/2020: New Version Released (PDF Support)
Hi! A couple of weeks ago, we put a new beta version on , primarily with PDF support along with many other improvements. We’ve moved that version out...
08/30/2020: New Beta Versions Released
Hi! We released new beta versions of the VR app and companion app. Because they have so many changes, and the current versions are stable for a lot of people, I...
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08/26/2020: Updates, Still Working on Polish and Rough Edges
Hi! Just a quick update. We’ve been working on polish and testing after introducing PDF support and speeding everything up. Smoothing out rough edges and bugs...
08/19/2020: Currently Improving PDF Support
Hi! Quick update, we are currently improving PDF support by making extraction and conversion of PDF files faster, and making the VR app open all files much fast...
08/15/2020: Companion App Speed Boost, PDF Support
Hi! We sped up the companion app all around by using much faster ways to extract .CBR and .CBZ files. We also parallelized some parts of the processing and USB...
08/13/2020: USB Transfer, Upcoming Fixes
Hi! Last week, we added USB transfer support to the companion app. The wireless option is still available. You can click on comics, plug in your headset, and tr...
08/07/2020: USB Transfer Coming, Updates
Hi! We finished syncing comics over USB to the Quest, but are doing more testing and fixing some bugs here and there (e.g., VR app updating when companion is co...
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