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07/02/2020: Read the Humble Bundle Comics Bundle in Supermedium
Humble Bundle is currently offering $1500+ of comics for pay-what-you-want ($1 or more)! Download them all, open the Supermedium desktop companion app, and read...
07/01/2020: Designing a Settings Menu
We designed a settings menu to add to the Supermedium VR app in the future. When pressing the menu button or B while reading a comic, we’ll show this settings...
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06/30/2020: Supermedium Desktop Companion App (Beta)
We’ve uploaded beta versions of the Supermedium desktop companion app that acts as a comic server for your VR headset. Browse and sync your comic library wire...
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06/25/2020: Almost Finished with Desktop Companion App
Last week, we started working on the desktop companion app to wirelessly sync your entire comic library to your Oculus Quest over the local network (and soon ov...
06/22/2020: Sync comics wirelessly from desktop
We’re working on a desktop companion app that can wirelessly sync and stream your entire comic library to your Quest! Instead of uploading comics one-by-one t...
06/08/2020: Fixes
06/08/2020: Fixes We are currently working on adding more comics! Here are some fixes: Fixed not being able to open comic after exiting without switching tabs F...
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06/02/2020: Fixes, Performance, Stability
Changelog for Supermedium: The VR Comic Book Reader (06/02/2020) Improve scrolling performance. Increase comic download speed. Improve UX of demo mode (e.g., in...
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