08/15/2020: Companion App Speed Boost, PDF Support


We sped up the companion app all around by using much faster ways to extract .CBR and .CBZ files. We also parallelized some parts of the processing and USB transfer code. The app will process faster, hang less, and when opening comics on the Quest, the speed to comic open is faster. This is available in the BETA and will soon be pushed as a normal release after more testing.

We started working on PDF support. This was a feature promised towards the beginning. I thought it would take a lot faster because I had code to do it already. But I realized I needed to distribute some PDF processing programs with the app. I’ve figured out how to do that well, and am almost done with PDF support!

EDIT: Early PDF support is now available in the BETA companion app release. I got it working shortly after publishing this devlog. However, I am changing the PDF engine to something else that can support more PDF files. And I will need to optimize the conversion of PDF files to images, so I’d recommend using the USB transfer and waiting for that process to happen. In the meantime, extract process won’t display in the companion app, so after you click transfer comic, just wait a bit.

Code signing is in progress. We are waiting for our certificate. This will have Windows trust the app so that firewalls and antivirus programs do not block the companion app.

Antialiasing has some progress. We’ve figured out some roadblocks but are still in technical research on how to remove aliasing while maintaining text clarity.

For those waiting upon new features or support such as .epub or MacOS support, thank you for the patience. We are working hard to add features while improving stability and speed at the same time. Thanks everyone for the help!

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