08/30/2020: New Beta Versions Released


We released new beta versions of the VR app and companion app. Because they have so many changes, and the current versions are stable for a lot of people, I wanted to make sure these versions work for everyone. The demo version is also on the beta version.

What Changed:

  • Speed up the companion app: We switched to faster forms of extracting comic files and processing background colors, so the app should process comics faster and freeze up less often.
  • Added PDF support: If you scan directories with PDF files in them, they will be able to be viewed in the app. This is good for reading magazines!
  • Improved comic loading speed: Comics will now load instantly once the first page is ready, improving load times.
  • Polish: better scrolling movement, more fade ins and outs to make things smoother, reduce few areas of jank in the app, clean up the demo screen

What’s Next?

  • Still waiting on our code signing certificates so Windows does not raise antivirus and firewall warning
  • Continue to stabilize the new version through more testing on different computers, and then move those versions out of beta
  • Add settings menu for customizing comic experience
  • Continue to figure out a way to do mipmapping to reduce anti-aliasing
  • Look to add .epub support for books

Unfortunately, we have not gotten to MacOS support yet. Apologies to those waiting for it, we want to make sure we have it stable on Windows before expanding out.

If there are any issues, please let us know, and we will be on top of it as usual!


BETA: Supermedium Desktop Companion App (Win) 103 MB
Aug 30, 2020

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when i try updating i am for at least 10 sec confused how to proceed

thats why i get update lazy. just selfmonitoring my petite trouble :)

Our bad, I want to make update process easier in future. At the moment, it is difficult because you have to update the companion + the VR app, and there’s a beta + demo versions. I’ll try to get the beta version into normal version, and eventually make the companion update the VR app for you.

I removed the beta versions and now it’s just the VR app + the desktop app (which self updates). Let us know how we can make it less confusing, because yeah, I agree it can be confusing!