06/30/2020: Supermedium Desktop Companion App (Beta)

We’ve uploaded beta versions of the Supermedium desktop companion app that acts as a comic server for your VR headset. Browse and sync your comic library wirelessly over the local network. Install the app (might have to tell Windows to accept the risk), add directories, open Supermedium (new version) on your Oculus Quest, and all of your comics should be there.

We built this in a week, so there’s a still lot more we have to do. If you try it, please tell us what your biggest priorities are! We are thinking of ideas like:

  • Mark comics in the desktop app to transfer over USB whenever it detects your Quest is plugged in
  • Scrape metadata for your comics
  • Act as a proxy to an SMB or other existing comic server
  • Remove directories, watch for new files
  • Filter and search
  • Install and update the VR Supermedium app for you (via USB or even wirelessly)
  • Comic discovery
  • Transfer audio and MP3 files to the app to listen to while reading
  • Support more media (books, videos)

We are also working on improving the VR app itself with some fixes and ideas:

  • Performance
  • Less disorientation
  • A button to quickly jump down half a page
  • Dark mode
  • Slideshow mode

We’re also adding some first issues from Image Comics with permission from the creators! Featured this week is Blackbird by Sam Humphries and Jen Bartel.

Check them out:

https://twitter.com/samhumphries https://jenbartel.com

And the comic on comiXology: https://www.comixology.com/Blackbird-1/digital-comic/711513


Supermedium Desktop Companion App (Beta) 68 MB
Jun 30, 2020
Demo: Supermedium for Oculus Quest 79 MB
Jun 30, 2020

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I can't figure out how to add multiple folders on the desktop app; currently just have thousands of comics in one folder lol. Loving the app itself though, great job!

(1 edit)

Thanks for the question! Just add the folder that contains all of your comics and comic folders! It will include every folder inside that folder.

So if you have a folder that contains all of your comics, click “Add Directory to Scan” and just add that one folder. Let me know how it goes!